Tudo o que você tem que saber antes de agendar uma aula

Are private lessons better than lessons at school?

It depends on many factors. It depends on the teacher and their methodology, and also on the school. My classes have the advantage of being directed to a specific audience, teenagers and young people and not using textbooks, which makes the classes more authentic and personalized. Also, access to resources is very easy in online mode. Videos, articles, music, conferences, all with just one click.

How does the course work?

I work with a communicative and social interactionist approach. Another feature of my course is that it is based on the 'inverted class' strategy, very common in the United States, in which the student, in addition to studying during the classes, receives a study guide to follow outside of class hours, creating autonomy and increasing the time of exposure to the language.

How can I know my level to get started with the course?

A placement test is sent to the student before the start of classes, so that they can be directed to the best possible level. Another factor that will be taken into account is the student's age, so that their adaptation is the best possible.

Do online classes work?

Online classes can be as beneficial or even more than face-to-face classes. Thanks to the technological resources we have access to today, it is possible to work remotely on the four skills of students: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Also, the 21st century skills with the unlimited amount of articles, videos, audios and also educational games that we have available on the Internet.