• Jeff Costa

Even if you die your regrets won't leave you alone (Short Story)

'' Slowly my heartbeats were stopping. I thought that my end was near, but it was only

the beginning ''.

Jacob Schmitz


Isabella A, 16

Everything started with a miserable day. I woke up, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes, ate my breakfast and left home. Unfortunately, when I was crossing the street, a bus hit me and I ended up dying.

I wish I was lying but I'm not. It's amazing how human life is so fragile that it ends up so fast, don't you think?

I thought that after death the soul of our bodies just vanished like the petals of a dandelion in the wind. It seems like I was wrong because my conscience remains here, in this place darker than night and empty as sky. The time doesn’t pass. I feel like a stone unable to do anything. I'm stuck like a bird in a cage, the only thing I can do is look to darkness in this vastness. It felt like I would stay in that distress forever. Suddenly, a bright light vanished with all that darkness. It was so brilliant, that I thought, for a moment, I would be blind. However, I think this didn't make any sense because I was already dead.

A graceful creature appeared with delicate features and long silver straight hair. The eyes were red like a sunset in summer, also the individual had two white wings curved around the top of his head. To complete the angelic appearance, the creature had three pairs of white feathered wings and was wearing a white silk robe. I suppose that's what people call an angel. The angel opened the arms and spoke, but not in words, directly to my mind.

"Jacob Schmitz, you will be judged for all your sins committed during your life" - the angel told me.

Ha, of course something like this would happen afterlife. I hope this situation ends soon, I don't want to think about those memories that made me suffer during life.

" Your first Judge : the one you were cruelest to in life” - the angel said

Wait...people from my life will judge me?

If this judgment will be this way, it's easier to send me straight to hell.

I tried to close my eyes because I didn't want to see what was coming, but I couldn't, something kept them open. The angel hadn't moved a muscle, but