• Giovana Tavares

Experiencing a different lifestyle with French habits

A typical street in France with stores and cafes
French coffee shops in Paris

Everyone dreams of living a life of emotions, meeting new people and new cultures, and having many stories to tell, there is a place where you can experience all that, and I am sure you’ve heard of this city before.

Paris is one of the most interesting places you will visit, not only for the high quality of French fashion or its romantic architecture, but also for its history and the people who are part of it.

Most of the time people go sightseeing in Paris or to celebrate a romantic date, but imagine living in Paris, with everything it has to offer.

The City of Light can bring you a lot of professional and personal experiences, opening your mind, making you live new adventures so that you can fulfill your dreams.

Having watched Hollywood movies my whole life, I always felt a different connection with France when I saw scenes from Paris on the screen. I felt like the French people are really free, just like their national motto suggests. In Emily in Paris, there is a very intriguing conversation between the protagonist and one of her French co-worker in which they talk about the different relationship Americans and the French have with work. In France the people work to live, while in America the people live to work, this explains why the French seems to not have a routine and just enjoy the moment over a glass of wine.

This can make you reflect on how you have been living your days, because all days are a gift, that’s why they are called present, but you continue living on the automatic. Imagine how bright your life could be if you made your habits better. I can picture myself living every day like this, thinking that work or problems can be lighter, you and I just need to look at things differently.

Many places make me feel good, but Paris always have a special place in my heart, I always imagine myself living with my boyfriend or my sister, lunching next to a charming street with the sun in the sky, learn how to cook with a traditional chef and then raise my future children. But, while I am in Brazil, I will give my best to live like the French do, because their habits are very good for the mind, heart and soul.