• Raique Bezerra

Why Canada could be the best destination for experiencing all seasons

A person holding a red maple leaf
Maple Leaf, National Symbol of Canada

Being a northern destination, Canada is simply known as a snowy nation where people sleep in igloos. However, things aren’t always as they seem. This year, Vancouver reached 50ºC, making everybody sweat like pigs. Winter, spring, summer and fall all have their own characteristics and appeal. Of course, we are talking about a big country, there are a lot of climatic variations, which allows a wide range of activities all throughout the year. Having lived for my entire life in a city with never ending summer, which is also the case of many fellow Brazilians, I think you would agree with me if I said how cool it must be to snowboard with your family on the weekend as well as ride a boat on a romantic afternoon with your partner.

Each season can offer us a new experience, with its peculiarities. Spring brings all kinds of rain, wind and temperature fluctuations. On the contrary of common sense, Summer can actually be sweltering even in Canada, when temperatures surprisingly rise above 40ºC. Fall is the most beautiful season, it is when the leaves fall from the trees, and create a fascinating view. Winter can be punishing, but if you are prepared, you can enjoy a good and lovely wintertime.

Living in Brazil, more precisely in Mato Grosso do Sul, the weather is always the same all year. Summer can reach 40ºC at nighttime, Winter hits only 10ºC, and it is almost impossible to enjoy the other seasons. This extreme heat all year can make us a little discouraged for any kind of activity.

Canada, on the other hand, brings us an amazing opportunity to experience all seasons. Winter, being the most famous one there, can reach extreme low temperatures with snow all over the place. But, that is when you are able to enjoy some Canadian pleasures like snowboarding, a hot drink, and a perfect scenery for Christmas. Take, for example, Autumn, with its orangey and stunning view, and the iconic maple leaf falling from the trees. If you like taking photos, this season will be the most enjoyable for you. Summer can be hot in Canada, and being one of the countries with the best natural places in the world, you will be able to experience exciting adventures, like hiking through parks, embracing water-sports, camping and more. You can truly make yourself close to mother nature.

“But if you call me Anne, please call me Anne with an ‘e’.”, said the protagonist of the most famous Canadian novel, Anne of Green Gables. And now that I told you a little of Canada's wonders, I want to paraphrase her saying this: ''But if you want to enjoy all the seasons and their peculiarities, please buy a ticket to Canada.”