• Fabrício Matos

The best places in Los Angeles: the Hollywood sign and much more

LA and the Hollywood sign on the background
Sunset in Los Angeles

A colorful pier with a giant Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, restaurant and luxurious cars. When I saw all that, I felt like I was teleported from my living room into the GTA V set. Los Angeles is a city located in California state, it has 4 million people, and it is very noisy just like the game. Being less touristy than the East coast, you can find some differences between Miami and LA, like the price of things and number of film productions. I was positively surprised with the city and this trip became my best one so far.

My favorite place and first place I recommend for you to go is the Santa Monica pier, what a beautiful and colorful place, with a surreal energy where you can have fun, take pictures, and have lunch. This is certainly a great place to spend the weekend afternoon. There is also a parking lot with many spots for your car.

Another place that I highly recommend, and that I loved to know, were the Hollywood studios, you feel as if you were inside the movies and series. For the visit, you have to ride a golf cart with a tour guide who speaks both English and Spanish, it was a super exciting tour, because you feel like an actor or someone important in the world of art.

Now I'm going to talk a little about a place you can't miss, which is Beverly Hills, a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood, great for walking and taking pictures, and there are several famous people's houses that you can go sightseeing.

Last but not the least is to get to know the two Disney parks there, which are simply amazing, for sure the best parks I have ever been to. They have awesome rides, and I highly recommend them to have a fun day.

According to my experience in the city, let’s balance the positive and negative aspects found in the city. On the positive side, the vibe and the energy of the city are great, there are many options of restaurants to eat, many outlets where you can do good shopping, and it's a safe city you can walk on the street with no worries. On the negative, LA has a lot of traffic at certain periods of the day, and you can hardly get around without a car. Americans are more introverted, so they don't interact much. Independently of the negatives, I would say it’s totally worth it to visit the city.

My experience with Los Angeles was great, it's a place I recommend one hundred percent. I can assure that it was a dream come true and my best trip so far.

It's a wonderful place, a city that really makes you feel in the world of the stars. If you want to visit the United States for the first time, you should consider Los Angeles as your first stop.