• Jeff Costa

The Magic Painter (Short Story)

“They have not recognized their liberty, so they lost it”.


Alice, 15

Everything began when the magic painter did his first drawing, a small planet made of water that didn’t look special, until suddenly the same planet appeared in the vacuum of the space, the paint became real. This planet was the first of many other places, creatures and beauties that this painter would make during his life.

After some years when there was only a small and blue planet now was a place replete of wonderful planets and creatures that could fly from one planet to another totally free, there weren’t wars or even big diseases because the magic painter wanted to do everything perfect in his creation, but he also wanted to be fair, so he let a brush a screen and ink floating in the water at the middle of the blue planet because at this way if some day some creature decided to change itself he or she would be able but the painter advised that it would bring the end of everything that was created before because that was how the prophecy spoke.

One day the most beautiful siren, called Ophidian started a discussion between the humans, she said:

-Why can I breathe under the water but cannot walk, and why can you walk but can’t breathe under the water?

The humans spent hours debating that question and all the other species started to think similar, the griffins also wanted to breathe under the water and the elves also wanted to fly so all the creation decided to go on a journey to try to modify themselves.

After days of travel they found the artifacts to paint but with them was a flying plaque where it said:

-If some creature use this tools all the species will lose much more than just their liberty, they will all die, so I the magic painter ask you, whoever you are, to don’t use this brush neither the screen and ink,

Unfortunately no one of them heard the advice instead of it they preferred to follow their own desires they thought that changing they would be more free to do all the kind of things. When all they finished painting they noticed that everything including them was losing the color, and somethings were disappearing slowly. All creation was doomed to end and there was nothing else that the creatures could do to fix their mistake.

At the end of the day everyone would be dead, everything was over. However, the magic painter wasn’t able to let his creation die, so he decided to make a sacrifice he would paint himself and this living self-portrait that have never broken the prophecy would be the only one to suffer for it.

This copy of the magic painter appeared in the same place that the artifacts were before, the center of all the species at the middle of the small and blue planet, he was above the waters and when his feet touched the surface of the waters everything that have disappeared returned and a big wave came and took way the tools and the living self-portrait, he was dead and the magic painter couldn't see that he just cried.

When the seas calmed down, he looked to all his creation and said:

-Anyone who wants to have color and be as they were before, come with me.

-Those who want to continue as they are but without color can stay

-All of you have lost your right of choose but now I have given it back to you, now you are free again